Such expressions as that famous one of Linnæus, and which we often meet with in a more or less concealed form, that the characters do not make the genus, but that the genus gives the characters, seem to imply that something more is included in our classification, than mere resemblance. I believe that something more is included; and that propinquity of descent,—the only known cause of the similarity of organic beings,—is the bond, hidden as it is by various degrees of modification, which is partially revealed to us by our classifications (Darwin, 1859, p. 413f).

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Birds are Fish

Birds really are dinosaurs, and a sparrow or a blackbird is every bit as much a dinosaur as Tyrannosaurus or Stegosaurus (Dr. Dave Hone, Guaridian online 6 September, 2012)
birds r relly fish cause i askd my cous and he sed so. fish are animals with 4 legs, scales & a hed. everifin wif 4 legs, scales & a hed is a fish, like cats, sparros and Barry. dinasaurs r fish wif fevhvers so a bird iz relly a fish-dinasaur coz dinasaurs r like small fish in a klassafikayin like vis:
  • animals (birds & shit)
  • fish (animals wif scales)
  • dinasaurs (fish wif fevhers)
  • birds (dunno)
vat klassafikayin tellz u vat birds r fish wif fevhers.

uno other animals r spinless like worms & bugs & shit. so r plankton & trees i guess so va klassafikayin of bugs r:
  • animals (uva stuff)
  • spinless (like trees)
  • worms (veges wif eyes)
  • bugs (worms wif legs)
vis klassafikayin tells ya vat bugs r wormies wif legs.

sum idiots fink vis is rong, but all my mates rekon its right. i ave a lot of mates & in a democracy the majority rules: bugs r worms & birds r fish!

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John S. Wilkins said...

Lissen buddy, woids is what woids is an' dey get changed by da way dey's used. Getoverit.